Submit your program ideas for Worcester Homecoming 2024.

Worcester Homecoming will host its next event on April 24-46, 2024. Distinguished alumni from Central MA will return to the region and experience Worcester’s new energy firsthand. Honored guests of the event will participate in a wide range of programming, including panel discussions, workshops, neighborhood tours, field trips, entertainment, and more. The program aims to showcase Worcester’s emerging businesses, culture, and people.

We are looking for program ideas that highlight one or more of the following themes: strong neighborhoods, economic development, opportunity for all, and a vibrant, thriving city.

Submit your ideas here: 

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Share your feedback and ideas with our team.

Worcester Homecoming is a collaborative effort of Central Mass business, civic, and community leaders. We’re  looking to strengthen that collaboration by working with individuals and partners who want to help enhance our work.


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Would you like to take part? We welcome active and engaging individuals to help make Worcester
Homecoming a success. Whether you are interested in joining a planning committee team, or serve as a
volunteer throughout the event, your help and support make all the difference.